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Does it matter who sees you when you work?

Posted on December 3, 2018 by Nicholas Prough

If you are a servant of the Lord does it really matter if other people see you do your work? Some say yes. Others, no. What are your thoughts about serving in anonymity?

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Are you in it for the long haul?

Posted on November 23, 2018 by Nicholas Prough

Serving the Lord is not just about Sundays. Or a week or two. Or a year or two! It is about a life commitment. Are you in?

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A thought or two about serving your family

Posted on November 7, 2018 by Nicholas Prough

Almost every family seems to have one: the relative that is more than willing to do something for you but always with an expectation of a returned favor…..

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Attitude is Everything

Posted on October 28, 2018 by Nicholas Prough

Genesis 16:6-10 6 “Your servant is in your hands,” Abram said. “Do with her whatever you think best.” Then Sarai […]

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A thought about what to do when one sins

Posted on October 7, 2018 by Nicholas Prough

What does a servant of the Lord do when he or she knows they have sinned?

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Thoughts from the mind of Pastor Mark

Posted on September 30, 2018 by Nicholas Prough

What are your thoughts on being a servant of the Lord?

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